Planned Upgrades / Refurbishment

2017 Report of Progress:

* Cabin Repair / Upgrade (Pending)

       1) wiring

       2) window / door repair

       3) termite extermination and repair

* Shower Facilities Upgrade (90% complete)

       1) cleaning - done

       2) plumbing / fixture repairs (pending)

       3) wall and tile upgrade - done

* Dining Facility Upgrade

       1) painting

       2) kitchen upgrade / expansion

       3) outdoor covered cooking area w/ water

* The first phase of the worship complex

    was completed with the cover over the          cement court.


Committee Officers:

- Roger Wood, Comm Chairman

- Tom Hendrix, Camp Mgr. 

- Nannette Crawford, Sec'ty

- Rhonda Hendrix, Scheduling Clerk

- David Castleman, Treasurer

- Multi-purpose Facility (60 ft x 80 ft enclosed structure to be used for indoor activities, including a worship center. (phase I complete with cover)

- Central playground complex (lighted, full electrical)- Pending

- Ballfield upgrade

- Parking upgrade

- River baptism site development

Future Development Plans

A big shout out of thanks to many individuals who worked this spring and summer at the encampment to begin the work that will be needed to fully upgrade the camp. The poolhouse / restrooms were refurbished with handicap facilities now available. The new metal cover over the cement court is an added help in controlling heat risk to outdoor activities. There are future plans to wall-in the court and develop a multi-use worship center. Other projects are on hold for need of workers and money. Donations to the encampment are made directly to David Castleman, the Treasurer. The Encampment is a privately owned, non-profit, Christian corporation. Any donation you make to the Encampment is deductible to the full extent of existing tax law at the time of your donation. The Richland Baptist Association, annually donates to the encampment on behalf of our churches that may not be able to afford to donate, yet, may realize the benefit of Christian camping.